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Watersports Photography, Windsurfing and Sailing Photography

January 20, 2010

Like most people my interest in photography started with my hobbies. For 20 years watersports has been my passion, especially windsurfing and sailing and I have done a lot of magazine work especially with the windsurfing press (Boards and Windsurf Magazine)  over the years. Also Brochure work for RS sailing (RS Vision) and lots for Rockley Watersports in France and the UK. See examples here

Shooting with a big Canon L series telephoto lenses (the white ones!) usually guarantees that the local hotshots play for the camera, here’ s a few examples.

Neal Freeman, BIG waves, Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset

Greg 'the head' Robson. Kimmeridge Dorset

Greg 'the head' Robson. Kimmeridge Dorset

Cribby, Branky

Sailing shots are fun too, but taking pictures from yachts that you’re also supposed to be racing is a bit of a challenge!

Battle of the colourful kites, Poole Bay, Dorset

My advice for this type of photography;

  • number 1 priority – keep the front of the lens clean. A pocket full of tissues is the most important accessory!
  • Overexpose yachts as the sails will come out grey otherwise
  • Save up for the most expensive lenses you can buy, because they’re sharper stronger and keep the salt water out better (rather important)
  • Don’t expect to sell any, the market is completely over-saturated

That’s it for now

Landscape thoughts coming soon!


Wedding, event, watersports and landscape photography in Dorset

January 4, 2010

My plan is to produce a blog of interest to couples planning their Wedding Days and to anyone else interested in event and landscape photography in and around Dorset in the UK.  I’ve also got stacks of windsurfing (here) images from the UK and beyond

Having lived in Poole for 20 years and taken hundreds of thousands of photos I’d love to share my knowledge and inspirations from a professional photographers point of view.

Lots of my photos are at

black and white always looks great!

I’m really happy to talk about cameras (especially Canon DSLRs) and photographic techniques.